Thursday, July 14, 2011

Its been crazy

Its beeen really crazy in my life...I just looove it so much..the grace of God jz overwhelms me each and every single time... studying in NYP, biz mg..and already in my 2nd year..and guess what..i was shortlisted for a scholarship...jz ended the interview was a great experience..the moments are great...its great to see how by fulfilling God's call would really be blessed by His promises.

I love God ttm!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

3 more months

Its counting down within me..and thank god..that helped me through these going to thailand in a months time...reli hope i wun get any darker den this..hahax

my skin color suffered alot since i got into army....
Now my Shop sales volume is geting better..thank God..really hope i could find a job outside before i ord and work manx...else..its gonna get reli financially tough for my parents...muz support them..

sorry for my procratination for riting a blog these gonna get myself a wireless presenter!..and a thumbdrive tis cuming pc fair in suntec!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Businessboy:ups and downs

its been my vision to help the younger generation to take the plunge into the marketplace.

but last night i met ritch and he asked me if i would like to stay in the NS ministry..coz..since wif 3 business, i might not be able to cope with the stressful evangelism schedules plus studies.

It reli gave me a greater insight into what it is to come for me in the nearing months.How now Lord?

Lord please give me a seed of direction for me to follow you.

PolyDins camp:

this is my most stretching 2 weeks yet.i from camp(army) go to camp(church) and back to camp(army) agn...all in all i was away from home for 2 weeks in total,was kinda homesick since i very long nv liddat liaox the camp...err..if u look at my facebook u'd eventually,the uncle's hospitality melted my heart..hes ultra nice!!..hahax thank God for him.

one reli bad thing happened was that..i got even tanner..ya jia min told me she like tan asked sumone fair...hoping tht would give me sum gd advise:

ws:eh xiaoying..any idea what to get tht would make me white?
xy:hahax..thts' damn gay lahx
ws:i reli hate my tan,its awful.
xy:hm..mayb u can try soak urself in milk..hahax..

thanks sister...hahax..pengx.

My Mummy pass her 2nd Year poly:
my mum just pass the 2nd year part time poly, was out of randomness that she sent me a msg saying tht..hahax...i cheekily replied'wow thats good! reli calls for a good celebration'..hahax..Can see how much effort she puts into it..and how God love and helped her along the way.Jiayou mummy!

I got my instructors' badge:
yay..we just got the instructor badge tis so happy and proud.They sae its my effort that did it.But i kept pushing the credits to jon instead.i tink its in me that i dun reli like the limelight.
i would prefer privacy.Thank God for helping me in this.

Yesterdays unit meet:

in yesterday unit meet,got a part which reli touches my heart is tht when ritchi told us...its a very clear indicator when u evaluate urself before christ and after christ,which area you know fully you have not changed.Please go do something about it.I'm definely guilty of that,Lord,wack me hard if i still don't change that soon kx.

Nail ettiquette:
to quell all misunderstandings,please im not and my frens bought over this shop tis far east plaza..seriously i got a little interested in girl learn more about them.hahax..xiu now u get it bahx...reli hope u read my blog..ahahax.

pray tht God help me through this turbulent times...
enough of my whinings(tanned skin)..haix..Lord u got answer this type of prayer?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Praise God Praise God Praise God

Wow its been quite long since i last wrote my blog..lolx...sorry for being unfaithful

My injured Leg:
it was one of the dumbest injured i ever got myself into..i sumhow managed to fall into a 20cm wide drain...n hit my knee..for 2 weeks i couldnt walk properly..until a night when i tried to stretch my thighs backwards.I got a rude shock...was completely i went to the MO to seek professional help.
In my mind, i was already setting for the worst,well the most i become partially physically diasbled isn't it?..hahax..then i could do more of God's work n evangelise even more effectively!..lolx.
But well the MO quelled my worries and my leg recovered 2 wks later.

YQ got hospitalised:
Ah..i got a rude shock, but nontheless,i went over to his ward n prayed for him, the most practical thing for a christian isnt it.Thank god that hes now much better than before le.Lord bless him with good health.

Unit meet:
Well..its reli cool.before service ritchie suddenly told me..."weisiang..i need u to share a testimony later"i was like "wat!,y never tell me sooner"...he was like..err..its for the UM leix..lolx..chey....phew was fun...thanks to celes..she gave me the idea of a twisted version of wacko.lolx..
jinhui was very worried that i mite pangseh him and leave him in the well, he definitely made new frens along the way, and hopefully, God will change him in due time.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Glory unto God.First close encounter with a General.

Well....after much gruelling practicing over 2 days..i was visibly tired from it.super tired i can jz prayed to God n trusted in Him.

and He reli made real His promises.Im jz so amazed...i was so nervous prior to that of the presentation...sgt winston jz try to keep me shimmy...gave me massage on my heavy eyelids r almost closing.

Then can the time.The general and the colonels came.I was getting abit tight.
But they were very friendly towards me.extremely.phew...i started off quite well however,
nerves got the betta of me,but i did not stumble.until i took the break from the video presentation...i moved my body..n breathed deeply.finanly i wasnt nervous..and my second part of it came pretty well.Thank God.

after finishing..i was expecting sum questions to be thrown to me..however, there isnt...phew...lolx..den i invited them for the demonstration.Got afew of the foreign officer gave reli good comment for deeply encouraged.

After the demonstration they tried the things out.den..the general gave my colonel a pendan from their he personally came over shook my hand..n handed to me one as well...he told me..the symbol represent the ground forces of *******..i was general gave only to me n my colonel...lolx..i was super elated..But it was all made possible with God...He gave me the opportunity from sgt winston.

Now im like known throughout my AI commanders as that 'teo' guy.wahahax.

well..jz like wad e bible says...all things are made possible thru Him.I was an uphill task for me i wasnt presenting somthing i really know at all...i wasnt even trained in it...well...hallelujah.

Love you Lord!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Leading a victorious life.

I need to discipline myself even more ... me in this.ya.

Im so happy..sgt winston wants me or shimmy to present to the Israeli general and commanders about our stuff,which i don't really noe about...Its kinda a uphill task for us.I stammered my way tue our 1st practise session with sgt winston.Hes reli good with his words n articulations.

But in Mark 5:35 saying"Don't be afraid.Just believe"..God asked me to believe inncoently in His promise.And He will surely deliver thru me...

Lord,if im reli the one...jus give me part of your spirit so that i can exude that confidence in You through my presentation.

im so blessed to have reli good armous bearers like john z ,mic n jey. they're reli good to me..loving bunches..michael been living a life full of victory lately..can see it thru his actions n words.Wow...ytd during service...for the 1st time in his life i guess HE WENT DOWN THE ISLE FOR PNW!!!praise the Lord...its been reli diff for the whole yr round to encourage him to step out of his comfort zone..n the spirit just does its work..

Lord...just help me tide over ok? slping le..very tired frm the day..yep..Love you loads.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Looking for jobs?Look for jacob!JCG Search Int'l Pte Ltd

For the BLM:here are the notes guys,for your benefit.

How to get headhunted?
i attended a BLM talk by the renowned Jacob Yim,JCG search intl pte ltd.
Am super awed by him and his passion for biz and God.Just as what Founder of Enzer,Boyd Au says of him "Jacob is a Man of God.He speaks and listens to God all the time'

Wow..guys,imagine that with me.A Ceo, plying his trade in the marketplace, and still follows God madly.He sports a bald head(psst* Man of wisdom),but puts off an aura of extreme humility.

here are the notes in short, if you're dead serious of getting yourself hunted for jobs(or rather careers).
what companies look out for:

Short resumes

Please guys, Hr ppl are reading it everyday.If its too lengthy, they read the front page and chuck away, so the main content might be left out.Its not because they're lacking the spirit of excellence, however, they must give equal opportunity to every candidate that applied to post the best matching candidate for the post.

Achievement(preferably in the area of job you are applying)
Contributions(quantify that so that you could wow potential employers)
e.g i poineered a new marketing campaign labelled "Waseh" with the objective of an increase in market share from 20% to 35% within a span of 3 months.Hit target within 6 weeks into the campaign.By end of 3rd mth,market share hit 40%.

Do not badmouth previous companies experiences

Am greatly blessed by his empowering talk.If you really wanna know more, you could ask me personally!

Jacobs Tips:
-If you are truly sincere,do call the company that you applied for, checking out on the progress of your applicantion.This gives a better impression to the HR personnel working on your resume.

-If you applied with a recruiting company for more than 4-6 weeks, chances are,its slim that they'll pull you out of their system and slot you for any jobs.Reason being,they feel that you might have found other jobs already,so the best thing,call your agent and bug them further!

-Company point of view
competence(c) vs values(v) graph:

If C & V is a constant gradient, going upwards diagonally 45degrees-this employee is good, keep them

If the gradient is steered towards C,and registered a low V:Kick them out of the company.They're destructing your company

If the gradient is steered towards V, and registered a low C:Keep and train them.They might be a real good armor bearer for your company in the near future.

Guys,so if you really follow God's commandment and follow Him.Your V will definitely go up, even without the C,God will provide for the shortfall of wisdom and supply you with everlasting grace.